Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Death threats and abusive emails to Hindu man's wife, daughter traced to Rahmat Ali

Aug 23, 2011

HYDERABAD: The cyber crime police arrested one person on Monday for sending threatening and abusive e-mails after hacking a businessman’s Gmail account.

According to police, the accused TM Rahmath Ali, a resident of Madurai was arrested by Cyber Crime police who was continuously sending e-mails threatening and abusing Srinivas Chamarthy, a businessman and resident of Ramanathapur.

Srinivas lodged a complaint to cyber crime police on August 12 alleging his Gmail account- schamarthy.caspl@gmail.com was hacked from April 4 to 8 April by some unknown person. He also said he received an abusive mail from chandru.95@rediffmail.com on July 30 around 7.51 p.m. The mail was containing names of his wife and daughter. He again received another mail on August 2 around 2.29 p.m from the same ID saying he would be killed in one month or his family harmed, police said.

Based on the complaint, cyber crime sleuths found during investigation, that the accused TM Rahmath Ali, a resident of Karpaga Nagar in Madurai was involved in hacking the victim’s Gmail account and sending abusive e-mails. Local police took him into custody on August 19 at Madurai.

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