Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Pious Muslim" Viqar threatens Kafir prison officials, demands comforts

Syed Viqaruddin Ahmed

Bhagyanagar, 03 Aug 2010:

"Tere ku nai maloom main kaun hoon?" is his `favourite' oneliner and his demands inside the Cherlapally prison would remind one of Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone surviving gunman in the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai.

From demands for steaming hot mutton biryani, chicken curry to TV and other comforts, Syed Viqaruddin, the jihadi accused of killing four policemen, has become a nightmare of sorts for the staff with his tantrums at the Cherlapally prison.

Prison sources told Express that Viqaruddin, known to be very short-tempered, reportedly abuses the staff for most part of the day. "He threatens us with serious consequences when we tell him that he cannot be served biryani or any other dish of his choice inside the jail. He abuses in the filthiest language, sometimes just for the heck of it," sources said.

"You don't know who I am,'' is what he says often.

Recently, when he was served the regular dal and rice meal, he hurled the plate at a staff. "Sometimes he enquires about other prisoners lodged in the barracks and goes abusive if told to mind his business. He hates policemen and makes it obvious by abusing the entire department," sources said.

He insists on meeting with his accomplices, particularly his relative Suleman arrested along with him.

"Tu kaun hai rey mereko bolne wala (who are you to tell me)?" is how he shouts when told that he cannot meet them.

The self-styled leader of Tehreek Galba-e-Islam had even abused his interrogators, a few senior police officials, when he was quizzed soon after his arrest.

"His attitude is similar to that of gangsters rough, abusive and violent," a senior police official said.

Meanwhile, the Madhya Pradesh police, unhappy with the AP police for not sharing the details of Viqar's interrogation with them, shot off a detailed questionnaire seeking information gathered about Viqar. They suspect Viqar's role in the shootout at Khandwa in 2007 in which an ATS constable and some others were killed.

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