Friday, April 16, 2010

BJP supports the formation of a Muslim-dominated Telangana state (Another Kashmir in the making)

(AndhraJihad received a reader's comment that we are posting verbatim as an article below.)

The National BJP leadership and state BJP unit of Andhra Pradesh are supporting the creation of Telangana state for petty political gains (one-upmanship over the Congress) and to get more voter base.

I used to be a die-hard Telangana supporter myself, but I now realise that this is a myopic decision that will cost India dearly.

Little does the BJP realize that Telangana will prove to be another Muslim-dominated state like Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal and Assam.

The Muslim population of 9% in united Andhra Pradesh is enough for it to become the hotbed of ISI and Darsgah-Jihad-O-Shahadat (The Centre for Jihad and Martyrdom) who have terrorised the Hindus till now by indulging in wanton murders, riots, kidnapping/rapes of Hindu women, conversions and cow-slaughter. And yet, the 85% Hindu population has been powerless to stop them in Andhra Pradesh.

With a Muslim population of 20% in Telangana, the political control of the resources of Telangana state will fall into the hands of the Razakars like the Owaisi Mafia (Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen - MIM), who will exercise more clout than they already have in Andhra Pradesh

By dividing Andhra, the Muslim population in Telangana ends up becoming concentrated around Hyderabad city (where the Muslim population is 42% of the city.)

Until now, in a united Andhra Pradesh, the political clout of the Muslim pockets in Telangana were neutralized by Hindu pockets in Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra. But now with a separate state, there will be less electoral clout for Hindus in Muslim-dominated Telangana and consequently, more violence against the Hindus.

Creating Telangana is akin to inviting trouble (“Aa bail mujhe maar !”). This is not an alarmist warning but some genuine advice from a well-wisher.

Please think carefully and do your best to prevent another Kashmir valley from forming in Southern India.

Please put pressure in the BJP leadership to see the light that that their agitation for Telangana is only going to increase the momentum of the on-going Islamisation of India.

Muslims have smelled blood and are supporting Telangana's separation. Islamic organisations outside Andhra Pradesh are supporting Telangana's creation. What does this tell us?

1) Muslim organisations do not fight for a cause unless it benefits Islamic expansionism.
2) Muslims have a keener sense of "The Bigger Picture" than short-sighted Hindus.

That, in itself, should be a warning enough for Hindus to stop becoming divided and conquered.

Please read the recent articles below and ask the BJP to stop playing into the hands of the enemy.

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5) The readers' comments demanding a second partition of India and hailing Jinnah / Iqbal on "Telangana Muslim Advocate Forum" are eye-opening.

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