Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peaceful Religionists kill 50 Hindus in Hyderabad


Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad): Gokul Chat Bhandar (Fast Food Restaurant) and Lumbini Theatre Massacres on August 25, 2007

Twin bomb blasts in which 50 innocent Hindus were killed and 50 Hindus crippled for life by the followers of "The Religion of Peace"

The first Islamic blast took place at Lumbini Park open-air auditorium, opposite State Secretariat, when a laser show was going on. The second Islamic blast took place at Gokul Chat Bhandar (fast food restaurant) in Kothi locality, 5 Km from here.

26 Hindus died on the spot and 22 wounded when an explosion ripped through the crowded Gokul Chat Bhandar at Koti locality at around 7.30 PM.

6 Hindus were killed on the spot and 13 injured in another blast five minutes earlier in an open air auditorium in Lumbini Park near the state secretariat in the heart of the city when a laser show was on, he said. About 500 people were in the auditorium at the time of the incident.

18 Hindus, who were seriously injured in both blasts, eventually died painful deaths in different hospitals of the city.

The blast ripped through the middle row of the auditorium when the show had just begun. So powerful was the blast that some of bodies were flung into the air and lay scattered.

Gory scenes were witnessed at the blast sites with limbs, blood, clothes and shoes of the Hindu victims strewn around.

Following the blasts, people were seen running helter-skelter as a number of them were congregated for the event.

Both Islamic attacks appeared calculated to cause maximum carnage amongst Hindus.

"The metal pellets in the bombs had worked as deadly missiles, killing more people," said Dr. K. Shastry, a senior doctor at a large hospital, which received many dead and wounded.

After the attacks, the police defused 19 more powerful bombs - all fitted with timers and placed in plastic bags - at bus stops, movie theaters, road intersections and pedestrian bridges throughout Hyderabad. The police said each of the bombs contained ball bearings and ammonium.

Had these 19 other bombs exploded, the death toll would have been unimaginable.

The floor of the fast-food restaurant turned into a river of Hindu blood.

Dead and dying Hindus lay strewn across the bombed Lumbini Theatre

Heart rending scenes at the City Hospitals where Hindu families grieved the murders of their loving fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters at the hands of Muslims

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Relatives wail while holding a person injured in a bomb blast at Lumbini Park

A victim of a twin blast is shifted to a hospital

After hearing the news of the blasts, Muslims celebrated this gory massacre of Hindus by bursting fire-crackers and distributing sweets in the Old City of Hyderabad

Agony continues for bomb blast victims

Initial relief gives way to anguish as two Hindu youth are still confined to their hospital beds

No more active medical treatment can be given at the hospital

Badushah Pothuganti was on a vacation from Australia


Putting up a brave face:
Badushah Pothuganti, a victim of the bomb blast at Gokul Chat Bhandar, resting at Care Hospital in Moazzamjahi Market on Tuesday. Also seen are his parents.

HYDERABAD: The fervent prayers of family members were answered and the lives of two young men hurt in bomb blasts at the Gokul Chat were saved by doctors from the jaws of death. But the initial relief has given way to greater anguish as the two youth are still confined to their hospital beds even as the eatery itself has opened.

Sadashiva Reddy and Badushah Pothuganti are lying in adjacent rooms at the Care Hospital, Nampally, for the last three months and their recovery still appears to be a long drawn affair.

While doctors V. Venkata Ramana (orthosurgeon) and Syed Ameer Basha (neurosurgeon) are clear that “no more active medical treatment” can be to be given at the hospital.

They say the recovery process could be a long one aided by physiotherapy and hence, the two can be discharged.

Family members feel otherwise and say it is better if both continue to be in the hospital as round-the-clock care is available. Sadashiva Reddy, in a semi-conscious state even three months after the August 25 bomb blast, with pellets still lodged in head, abdomen, limbs, does not recognise anyone nor responds to commands.

The 25-year-old design engineer armed with M.Tech degree had a rosy future and even went overseas for training but the blast snuffed all that shattering his folks.

He is fed through nasal tubes and is totally immobile and oblivious of the surroundings.

“How can we take our son home in this state? We wish the Government continues to extend medicare till my son recovers to attend to his own needs,” pleads his mother Vasantha in a choked voice.

“My husband is retiring next year and my eldest son had quit his job to look after my bed-ridden son. I am scared to think of our future,” she sobs.

In the very next room is Badushah Pothuganti, 26.

His lower limbs got paralysed when a pellet got lodged deep in his spinal cord and could not be removed.

He is undergoing physiotherapy for his stiff left shoulder and elbow which he cannot yet move properly. That has been his position ever since the blast for this Telecom engineer.

He was in the city for a vacation from Melbourne in Australia and was shopping with his mother when the bomb went off at the eatery. Badushah hopes to return to his job once he makes a recovery.

His father Balayya, lecturer, too feels continuous medical care available at the hospital alone would hasten his son’s recovery.



Anonymous said...

Hindu religion and people are very calm, cool, and positive in nature. They donot indulge in anti national, anti religion activities. Muslim is the only religion in the world which the whole world suffers today. If Hindus have taken the same steps in eradicating muslims from india, there would hardly be any muslims in india.

Anonymous said...

Hindu religion and its people are calm, cool, positive and friendly in nature. Muslim is the only religion which the world suffers today in all aspects. If Hindus had taken the same steps what muslims have done towards hindus, there is no doubt that even a single muslim would have been alive in india.